Long AeroPress Espresso Shot

Creator: Fernando Conde-Pumpido Velasco

After several recipes of "concentrated coffee" with AeroPress trying to make a quasi-espresso, I was not wholly satisfied. Based on my two favourites (Tim Wendelboe's and James Hoffmann's) I decided to make my own, using the quarantine time to improve it everyday I was at home.

This recipe can be easily adapted for darker or lighter roasts by adjusting the grind size: Finer for lighter roast, eg. 4 clicks on a Hario; Coarser for darker roasts, eg. 8 clicks on a Hario. This way it does not over/under extract.

The result is an AeroPress espresso recipe that:

  • Does not use a lot of coffee grounds
  • Is easy to remember
  • Produces enough coffee for an expresso, or a latte
  • Can be adapted to tastes and different roasts

Try it out and let us know what you think in the comments below!

Recipe details:

Paper Filter


Medium-fine (4 clicks on Hario Skerton Pro)
Darker roast


96°C / 204°F


  1. Rinse filter with tap water (5 seconds)
  2. Add 15g of coffee to inverted Aeropress
  3. Add 100 mL of water @ 96 degrees
  4. Stir 5 times vigorously
  5. Start timer for 60s
  6. Stir again 3 times
  7. Wait another 30s
  8. Add lid with soaked filter
  9. Invert and press steadily until hiss is heard
  10. Optionally, add milk to make strong latte